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Mitologia anglosassone (it); অ্যাংলো-স্যাক্সন পৌত্তলিকতাবাদ (bn); paganisme anglo-saxon (fr); Anglo-Saxon paganism (en); англосаксонское язычество (ru); angelsächsische Religion (de); paganismo anglo-saxão (pt); Angelsaksisk religion (da); Paganisme Anglo-Saxon (id); 盎格魯撒克遜異教徒 (zh); Енглеска митологија (sr); Mitologie anglo-saxonă (ro); アングロ=サクソンの多神教 (ja); anglosaksa paganismo (eo); religión anglosajona (es); Anglosaxisk religion (sv); angelsaksisk religion (nn); Angelsaksisk mytologi (nb); Paganismus Anglosaxonicus (la); Англосаксонска митология (bg); Mitolohiyang Anglo-Sahon (tl); Anglosaksonski paganizam (sh); 앵글로색슨 이교 (ko); Anglo-Saxon paganism (en); وثنية أنجلوسكسونية (ar); англосаксонско паганство (mk); mitologia anglosaxona (ca) Polytheistic religious beliefs and practices of the Anglo-Saxons (en); Polytheistic religious beliefs and practices of the Anglo-Saxons (en); insieme di miti e credenze della civiltà anglosassone (it) paganismo anglosajón, religion anglosajona, paganismo anglosajon (es); Mitolohiyang Angglo-Sakson, Mitolohiyang Anglo-Sakson, Mitolohiyang Angglo-Sahon (tl); Angelsächsische Mythologie (de); paganismo anglo-saxônico (pt); Anglo-Saxon religion (en); angelsaksisk mytologi, angelsaksisk heidendom, angelsaksisk heidenskap (nn); アングロ・サクソンの異教信仰, アングロ・サクソンの異端 (ja); Anglosaksonski politeizam, Anglosasko poganstvo, Anglosaksonsko paganstvo, Wodenizam (sh)
Anglo-Saxon paganism 
Polytheistic religious beliefs and practices of the Anglo-Saxons
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Асобны выпадак паняткуGermanic paganism
Частка адангласаксонская культура
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Anglo-Saxon paganism, or as it has also been known, Anglo-Saxon heathenism, refers to the religious beliefs and practices followed by the Anglo-Saxons between the fifth and eighth centuries CE, during the initial period of Early Mediaeval England. A variant of the wider Germanic paganism found across much of north-western Europe, it itself encompassed a heterogeneous variety of disparate beliefs and cultic practices.

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