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veicolo trainato da animali (it); veículo de tração animal (pt-br); транспорт на животной тяге (ru); Fuhrwerk (de); veículo de tração animal (pt); animal-powered vehicle (en); Furrwark (nds); vehículo de tracción animal (es); véhicule à propulsion animale (fr) von Zugtieren gezogener Wagen (de) vehículo de propulsión animal, vehículo propulsado por animales, vehiculo de traccion animal, vehiculo de propulsion animal, vehiculo propulsado por animales (es); Stellwagen (de)
animal-powered vehicle 
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The original wheel design.
This Turkish example has its three parts held together by an iron tire

The oldest wheels were "tripartite disks" and they have been found from Asia Minor to Northern Europe.
Around 2000 BC spoked wheels, much lighter and more manoeuvrable, appeared in Northern Mesopotamia. They were rapidly adopted for war chariots and Egypt and China took up the design. Sweden then Central Europe caught up around 1000 BC. The horse became the favoured draft animal around the same time but they were restricted by clumsy harnesses until the 9th century AD invention of the horse-collar. Central America had the wheel but no suitable draft animals until the Spanish brought horses.
Paul H Downing, A History of Carriages, The Carriage Journal, page 8, June 1963


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