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  • "Allmendinger Factory Produced 300 Organs A Month". Ann Arbor News (March 30, 1975). "The Ann Arbor Organ Company (termed "Ann Arbor's greatest manufacturing industry" by the Ann Arbor News - Argus in 1907) supplied a largely rural market with around three hundred reed organs a month. The reed organ was the so-called "parlor organ" or melodeon. It surpassed the piano in popularity among farm folk, because it was cheaper, lighter, more easily transportalbe and nearly maintenance-free as far as tuning was concerned. ..."
  • "Gärtner, Gottlieb Friedrich (1822–1878)" in Douglas Earl Bush, Richard Kassel , ed. () The Organ: An Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of keyboard instruments vol.3, Routledge, p. 221 ISBN: 978-0-415-94174-7. German-American organbuilder. ... In 1867 he immigrated to Ann Arbor, Michigan, advertising as a builder of organs and harmoniums. Among his employees were his son-in-law, David Allmendinger, founder of Ann Arbor Organ Company (which built a few pipe organs along with many reed organs), and William Schuelke, later a prominent builder in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After selling tools to his son-in-law in 1871 he worked briefly for Albert Charles Gemunder in Columbus, Ohio. ...
  • Ann Arbor Organ Works. Arbor Wiki.
  • Ann Arbor Organ Company.

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