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Fra Angelico painted this subject several times (about 8):

  1. Prado Altarpiece (1426 or 1430-32)
  2. Cortona Altarpiece (1430-32), museo Diocesano
  3. Fresco in S.Marco, (c.1450), corridor
  4. Fresco in S.Marco, (c.1431), 3rd cell
  5. Paintins in S.Marco museum (c.1450), painted for Armadio degli Argenti
  6. Altarpiece in S. Maria delle Grazie, San Giovanni Val d'Arno (1430s)
  7. Small altarpiece, in S.Marco museum (b.1434). Combined with Adoration of the Magi
  8. Small altarpiece, in Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria (1437), diptich, tondo