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Antilles is a subregion in the Caribbean containing most of archipelagos located around the Caribbean Sea (except those to the West, near Colombia and Central America). It is generally divided into two groups (possibly divided in three or four subgroups) of archipelagoes:

  • the “Greater Antilles”, “Antillas Majores” in Spanish, “Grandes Antilles” in French (the northwestern subgroup), comprising the largest islands (Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola‎ split between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico) and their dependent smaller islands;
  • the “Lesser Antilles”, “Antillas Menores” in Spanish, “Petites Antilles” in French, comprising all other smaller islands in the East and South, and subdivided into:
    • the “Windward Antilles”, “islas de Barlovento” in Spanish, “îles du Vent” in French (the eastern subgroup), forming a volcanic arc to the East, preferably subdivided in English into:
      • the “Leeward Islands” (the northeastern subgroup), to the north of latitude 15°N and the east of longitude 65°00′W, between the Virgin Islands and the Dominica, generally extended to Isla de Aves;
      • the “Windward Islands” (the southeastern subgroup), to the south of latitude 15°N and the east of longitude 62°30′W, ‎between Martinique and Grenada, generally extended to Trinidad and Tobago;
    • the “Leeward Antilles”, “islas de Sotavento” in Spanish, “îles sous le Vent” in French (the southwestern subgroup), along the Northern coast of South America (rarely extended to Trinidad and Tobago).


  • The Netherlands Antilles is a former dependency of the Kingdom of the Netherlands located in the two “Leeward” subgroups of the “Lesser Antilles”.


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