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English: Architects — images and portraits of people (individuals) in the professional practice of Architecture.
  • NOTE:
For images of buildings designed by these architects, see and use: Category: Buildings by architect.
For images of architects in group architectural practices, see: Category: Architecture firms.

Architect categories: guidelines—navigation[modifica]

Pictures regarding architects should be classified in categories like this:

Architect Category. First check if there is already a Category for this Architect.

  • If yes: put the pictures in there, that's it. Additionally you can specify the kind of picture, for example: Category:Portraits of men.
  • If no: If you have more than two pictures: create a new Category, named after the architect. For example Category:Jean Nouvel. Then you categorize the Cat (not the single pictures!) as follows:
  1. Country: see Category:Architects by country, for example: Category:Architects from Germany
  2. Style: see Category:Architects by style, for example: Category:Renaissance architects.

Please don't put files additionally into Category:Architects if they are in these sub-categories!
See also: Category:Architecture firms for non-individuals.

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