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This category is located at Category:Republic Day parade (Italy) 2006

Reason: Police, Firefighters, Italian Red Cross and other forces attend the parade as well as Armed Forces units (such as Navy, Air Force, and Carabinieri)

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This category needs a HUGE work of identification of images. They are all images shot in the Italian Army Parade of the Italian Republic Holyday 2006 in Rome. For each photo should be found and added in description:

  1. Army and corp (es: Italian Carabinieri)
  2. regiment or unit (es: Tuscania regiment)
  3. function (es: military police, assault troops, fanfare, band...)
  4. weapon used (es: H&K G3)
  5. notes (es: using the new vegetata camo)
  6. eventual info on vehicles.

Some photo are from famous politicians or so. If you know, write in description.

I will add the one I know, but you are welcome if you can help.

Photos of not famous people, or too blurred ones, or double will be marked for deletion at the end of the classification. Please do not mark them for deletion if you are not ABSOLUTELY sure. --Jollyroger 21:25, 2 June 2006 (UTC)

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