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English: He was born in Vienna, Austria, on April 13, 1873. He helped his father in his business as a manufacturing chemist. At this time, was deeply involved in cognate studies. His interest in cognate studies ended when his father suddenly died. After his father's death, Posnansky studied in Imperial and Royal Academy of Pola (now Pula) for the position of Naval Military Engineer in the Austro-Hungarian Navy. During his time in the Imperial and Royal Academy of Pola, he made several extensive training voyages, which took him many places, including the Easter Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, as a part of his shipboard training. While at Easter Island, he made ethnological observations, which he later published as Die Osterinsel und ihre praehistorischen Monumente. Posnansky graduated from Imperial and Royal Academy of Pola at age 18.
Español: Arthur Posnansky ( Viena, Austria-Hungría, 1873 - La Paz , Bolivia, 1946), fue un militar, ingeniero naval, héroe de guerra, constructor, urbanista, cineasta, fotógrafo, investigador, escritor, historiador, minero, explorador, empresario, aventurero, paleontólogo, antropólogo y arqueólogo; legaba sus casas como museos mientras ofrecía el estilo Neo-Tiwanacota a la arquitectura. Escribió un libro clásico de la arqueología universal: Tiahuanacu, la cuna del hombre americano.