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Middle Eastern goddess, worshipped from the Bronze Age through classical antiquity
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Instance of Greek deity,
fertility deity,
war deity
Part of Egyptian mythology
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Astarté (es); Astarté (hu); Astarte (eu); Астарта (ru); Astarte (de-ch); Astarte (de); Астарта (be); Астарта (sr-ec); Астарта (bg); Astarte (da); Astarte (tr); 阿斯塔蒂 (zh-hk); Astarte (sv); עשתורת (he); Astarte (la); 阿斯塔蒂 (zh-hant); 阿斯塔蒂 (zh-cn); Astarte (gsw); Astarte (fi); Astartè (oc); Astartea (eo); Astarte (cs); 阿斯塔蒂 (zh-hans); Astarte (it); 아스타르테 (ko); Astarté (fr); Astarte (gl); Astarte (nl); Astarte (ro); Astarte (pt); Astarte (ms); 阿斯塔蒂 (zh); عشتروت (ur); Astarte (pl); Astarta (sr-el); آستارته (fa); Астарта (uk); Astartė (lt); Астарта (sr); Astarta (sl); アスタルト (ja); Astarte (pt-br); 阿斯塔蒂 (zh-sg); Asytoret (id); Astarte (nn); Astarte (nb); 阿斯塔蒂 (zh-tw); Ἀστάρτη (grc); Astarte (en-gb); عشتروت (sd); Astarte (ca); Astarte (en); عشتروت (ar); Αστάρτη (el); Astarte (en-ca) Himmelskönigin und Liebesgöttin mehrerer westsemitischer Völker (de); Middle Eastern goddess, worshipped from the Bronze Age through classical antiquity (en); Kaananejska i fenicka bogini płodności (pl); starověká semitská bohyně (cs); dea Phoenicia (la) Ashtaroth, Ishtahar, Ashtart, Astarte, Astharoth, Istahar (es); Ashtart (fr); Aixtart, Astarté (ca); Aschtoret, Aschtarte, Aštarte (de); Astarote, Asterote, Asteroth, Fenícia astarte (pt); استارته (fa); 亞斯他錄, 阿斯她祿, 阿什塔妲 (zh); Baalata, Aštartė (lt); Astartea (ro); アスタルテー, アシュタロト, アスタルテ, アシュタロテ, アシュトレト, アスタロテ (ja); Ashtoreth (sv); Ashtoreth (nn); Деркето, Ашторет, Іштар, Атаргатіс (uk); Attoret, Ashtart, Atirat (nl); Астор, божество (ru); Asjtoret (nb); Ashtoreth (it); عشتاروت, أشتوريت, اشتوريت (ar); Athtart, Aštart (cs); מלכת השמיים (he)
English: Astarte, a Semitic goddess whose name appears in the Bible as Ashtoreth. She is everywhere the great female principle, answering to the Baal of the Canaanites and Phoenicians and to the Dagon of the Philistines. She had temples at Sidon and at Tyre (whence her worship was transplanted to Carthage), and the Philistines probably venerated her at Ascalon. Solomon built a high-place for her at Jerusalem which lasted until the days of King Josiah, and the extent of her cult among the Israelites is proved as much by the numerous biblical references as by the frequent representations of the deity turned up on Palestinian soil. More info.


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