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Atrichonotus taeniatulus (Berg, 1881)


  • Berg, C. 1881: Entomologisches aus dem Indianergebiet der Pampa. Entomologische Zeitung, 42(1-3): 36-72. [See p. 61; original reference for ' Naupactus taeniatulus n. sp. ']
  • Buchanan, L.L. 1939: The species of Pantomorus of America north of Mexico. United States Department of Agriculture, miscellaneous publication, (341) [See p. 16; ' Pantomorus (Atrichonotus) taeniatulus (Berg), new combination ']
  • Kuschel, G. 1972: The foreign Curculionoidea established in New Zealand (Insecta: Coleoptera). New Zealand journal of science, 15(3): 273-289. Full article (PDF) on BUGZ [See p. 285; N.Z.]


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