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Auðumbla (es); Auðhumla (is); Audhumla (ca); Audhumbla (de); اودوملا (fa); 歐德姆布拉 (zh); Audhumbla (da); Audumbla (ro); 歐德姆布拉 (zh-hk); Audhumbla (sv); Аудумла (uk); 歐德姆布拉 (zh-hant); 欧德姆布拉 (zh-cn); Audhumla (gsw); 아우둠라 (ko); Audhumla (cs); Auðhumla (it); Audhumla (fr); Audumbla (hr); Audumla (sr-el); Audumla (lv); Auðumbla (nl); Audumla (lt); Audumla (sr); Audhumla (pl); Audhumbla (gl); 欧德姆布拉 (zh-sg); アウズンブラ (ja); Audhumbla (nn); Audhumbla (nb); 歐德姆布拉 (zh-tw); Audumbla (pt); Auðhumla (fi); Аудумла (ru); אודומבלה (he); Auðumbla (en); أويثمبلا (ar); 欧德姆布拉 (zh-hans); Аудумла (sr-ec) primeval cow of Norse mythology (en); Norrøn mytologisk urku (nb); alkulehmä skandinaavisessa mytologiassa (fi) Auðumla, Auðhumbla, Audumla, Audhumbla, Audhumla (it); Auðumla, Audumla, Audhumbla, Auðumbla (fr); Audhumla (hr); Urkuh Audhumbla, Auðhumbla, Audhumla (de); Audumla (pt); Auðumla, Auðhumla, Auðhumbla, Auðumbla (lv); Адхумула, Audhumla (sr); アウドゥムラ (ja); Audhumla, Audumla, Ödhumla (sv); Auðhumla, Audhumla (nn); Audhumla (nb); Auðhumla, Audumla, Audumbla, Audhumbla, Audhumla (nl); Audhumla (lt); Audumbla, Audhumla (gl); Audhumla (fi); Auðumla, Auðhumbla, Auðhumla (en); Auðhumla, Auðhumbla, Audumla, Audumbla, Audhumbla, Audhumla (es); Audumla, Audhumbla (cs); Audhumla (da)
primeval cow of Norse mythology
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Instance ofNorse mythical animal,
cattle in religion
Part ofNorse mythology
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Auðumbla (also spelled Auðumla, Auðhumbla or Auðhumla) is the primeval cow of Norse mythology.

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