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<nowiki>Auðumbla; Auðhumla; Audhumla; Audhumbla; Аудумла; 歐德姆布拉; Audhumbla; Audhumbla; 歐德姆布拉; Audhumbla; Аудумла; 歐德姆布拉; 欧德姆布拉; Audhumla; 아우둠라; Audhumla; Auðhumla; Audhumla; Audumbla; Audumla; Auðumbla; Audumla; اودوملا; Audumla; אודומבלה; Audhumbla; アウズンブラ; 欧德姆布拉; Audumbla; Audhumbla; Audhumbla; 歐德姆布拉; Auðhumla; Аудумла; Audhumla; Audumla; Auðumbla; أويثمبلا; 欧德姆布拉; Audumbla; figura mitológica nórdica; 北欧神話に登場する牛; alkulehmä skandinaavisessa mytologiassa; primeval cow of Norse mythology; بقرة من الأساطير الإسكندنافية; Norrøn mytologisk urku; mytisk urko i nordisk mytologi; Auðumla; Auðhumbla; Audumla; Audhumbla; Audhumla; Auðumla; Audumla; Audhumbla; Auðumbla; Audhumla; Urkuh Audhumbla; Auðhumbla; Audhumla; Audumla; Auðumla; Auðhumla; Auðhumbla; Auðumbla; Адхумула; Audhumla; アウドゥムラ; Audhumla; Audumla; Ödhumla; Auðhumla; Audhumla; Audhumla; Auðhumla; Audumla; Audumbla; Audhumbla; Audhumla; Audhumla; Audumbla; Audhumla; Audhumla; Auðumla; Auðhumbla; Auðhumla; Adumbla; Audhumbla; Auðhumla; Auðhumbla; Audumla; Audumbla; Audhumbla; Audhumla; Audumla; Audhumbla; Audhumla</nowiki>
primeval cow of Norse mythology
Аудумла освобождает Бури от льда
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Auðumbla (also spelled Auðumla, Auðhumbla or Auðhumla) is the primeval cow of Norse mythology.

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