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English: An aircraft is a vehicle which is able to fly by being supported by the air, or in general, the atmosphere, of a planet. Examples include balloons, airplanes, and helicopters.
For details on categorization of aircraft media, see the aircraft categorization schema.

Files in this category need to have the following things checked:

  1. Categories
  2. Descriptions
  3. File naming


All files should have the following categories present at a bare minimum:

  1. Aircraft registration, in the format Category:X-XXXX (aircraft), example, Category:RA-96015 (aircraft). If the registration category does not exist, create it, including at a bare minimum: Category:Aircraft by registration, Category:Aircraft registered in XXXXX, Category:Aircraft type here, Category:Aircraft operator here
  2. Aircraft type at airport: This might be inline with Category:Boeing 737 at Zurich International Airport, Category:Military aircraft at Perth Airport, Category:Private and executive aircraft at London Heathrow Airport. If the category doesn't exist, create it.
  3. Airline at airport: This might be inline with Category:British Airways aircraft at Zurich International Airport, Category:Royal Air Force aircraft at London Heathrow Airport. If the category doesn't exist, create it. If there are numerous files in a category, this could be further re-categorised as, for example, Category:Airbus A380 of Emirates at Sydney Airport, or even Category:Boeing 777 of British Airways on final approach at London Heathrow Airport
  4. Aviation year: This could be along the lines of Category:2008 in aviation in Russia, or further broken down into airports, example, Category:2016 at Zurich International Airport. If such categories don't exist, create them.

NOTE: Do not delete this check category from files in this category until they are categorised inline with the above. If you can't/don't want to do full categorisation, feel free to leave it and anothers will do it.


Ideally files should have a description of the photograph in at least one language. Feel free to add descriptions in any language you are proficient.

You may also want to convert the {{information}} template into {{Infobox aircraft image}}

File naming[edit]

Some files in this category may not optimally describe what is in the photo, or may be a generic DSC-type name. Request renaming, or move the file, to a more appropriate name.

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