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English: The Avoca River drains a substantial part of Victoria, the southernmost state of mainland Australia. The river rises at the foot of Mount Lonarch in the Central Highlands near the small town of Amphitheatre, and flows north for 270 km through Avoca, Charlton and Quambatook. Although the Avoca River Basin is part of the Murray-Darling Basin, the Avoca does not empty into the Murray. Nowhere a large stream, it dwindles as it flows north, eventually terminating in the Kerang Lakes, a network of ephemeral swamps west of Kerang and about 20 km south of the Murray.
Français : L'Avoca est une rivière intermittente de l'État de Victoria, en Australie, et un affluent du Murray.
日本語: アヴォカ川(Avoca River)は、 オーストラリアの最南の州、ビクトリア州を流れる川である。川はセントラル・ハイランズの近くの小さな町、アンフィシアターにあるロナーチ山から上昇し、アヴォカチャールトンカンバトゥークを通り270km北へ流れる。
Português: O rio Avoca é um rio que drena grande parte do estado de Victoria. Este rio nasce no sopé do Monte Lonarch nas Cordilheiras Centrais, próximo da cidade de Amphitheatre. Embora pertença à bacia do rio Murray-Darling, o Avoca não desagua no Murray.

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