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The 1791 German–Serbian dictionary, referred to as the Avramović Dictionary (Serbian: Аврамовићев речник or Avramovićev rečnik; full title in German: Deutsch und Illyrisches Wörterbuch zum Gebrauch der Illyrischen Nation in den K. K. Staaten; full title in Slavonic-Serbian: Нѣмецкïй и сербскïй словарь на потребу сербскагѡ народа въ крал. державахъ, transliterated as Německij i serbskij slovar' na potrebu serbskago naroda v kral. deržavah, meaning "German and Serbian Dictionary for Use by the Serbian People in the Royal States") is a historical bidirectional translation dictionary published in the Habsburg Empire's capital of Vienna in 1791, though 1790 is given as the year of publication in some of its copies. Containing around 20,000 headwords in each direction, it is the largest Serbian dictionary of the 18th century.

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