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English: An ayam is a Korean traditional winter cap mostly worn by women in the Joseon period (1392 – 1910) for protection against the cold. It is also called aegeom which literally means "covering a forehead" in Korean. There is a historical record which mentions that officials in a low class called iseo (이서, ) wore ayam in the early Joseon period, so it was a unisex cap. However, it is not clear whether the shape at that time was identical to that of the later period. During the late Joseon period, an ayam was usually worn by female commoners. Especially in the western part of Korea, kisaeng (female Korean entertainers) commonly wore an ayam, and they were also worn as a simple formal headgear.
한국어: 아얌은 액엄이라고도 하며, 조선 시대 겨울에 부녀자들이 나들이할 때 춥지 않도록 머리에 쓰던 물건으로 이마만을 덮고 귀는 내놓으며, 뒤에는 아얌드림을 늘어뜨린다.

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