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English: Siyyid `Alí Muḥammad Shírází meaning "Gate". He composed hundreds of letters and books (often termed tablets) in which he stated his messianic claims and defined his teachings, which constituted a new sharí'ah or religious law. His movement eventually acquired tens of thousands of supporters, was virulently opposed by Iran's Shi'a clergy, and was suppressed by the Iranian government leading to the persecution and killing of thousands of his followers, called Bábís. In 1850, at the age of thirty, the Báb was shot by a firing squad in Tabríz.
Iranian prophet and founder of the religion Bábism, venerated in the Bahá'í Faith
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Date of birth20 October 1819
Date of death9 July 1850
Place of burial
Country of citizenship
  • Khadíjih-Bagum (1842–1850)
Authority control
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Báb (es); Bábinn (is); Seyyid Ali Muhammed (tr); باب (ur); Bāb (mg); Báb (sk); Баб (uk); Боб Алимуҳаммади Шерозӣ (tg); 巴孛 (zh-cn); Bab (gsw); Bob (uz); Баб (kk); Báb (eo); Báb (cs); Bab (bs); Báb (an); Bāb (fr); Báb (hr); Báb (vi); Bab (af); Báb (pt-br); 巴孛 (zh-sg); Báb (lb); Bab (nn); Báb (nb); Bab (az); Báb (en); علي محمد رضا الشيرازي (ar); Báb (hu); Báb (eu); Báb (ast); سید علی محمد باب (azb); Bab (de); Báb (sq); سید علی‌محمد باب (fa); 巴孛 (zh); セイイェド・アリー・モハンマド (ja); Báb (ia); الباب الشيرازي (arz); עלי מוחמד שיראזי, הבאב (he); Báb (la); बा'ब (hi); Báb (mwl); Báb (it); Báb (nl); 巴孛 (zh-hans); 巴孛 (zh-tw); Báb (nan); The Báb (sco); Báb (pt); Bab (nds); Bab (fi); Báb (sv); Babas (lt); พระบาบ (th); Báb (tl); Sayyid Alí Muhàmmad (ca); 巴孛 (zh-hk); Báb (war); Báb (pl); Баб (be); Bab (sh); Báb (ro); 巴孛 (zh-hant); 시이드 알리 모하마드 (ko); ਬਾਬ (pa); Báb (gl); Баб (ru); Μπαμπ (el); ବାବ (or) fondatore del Bábismo (it); mystique persan, fondateur du babisme (fr); Bábísmoaren fundatzailea eta Bahá'í fedearen aitzindaria (eu); заснавальнік Веры бабі (be); religieus dienaar uit Iran (1819-1850) (nl); основатель Веры баби (ru); religioso persa fundador del babismo (es); persischer Religionsstifter des Babismus (de); irana profeto kaj fondinto de religio; honorigata en Bahaismo (eo); Iranian prophet and founder of the religion Bábism, venerated in the Bahá'í Faith (en); پایه‌گذار آیین بابیت (fa); Ιρανός προφήτης, ιδρυτής του μπαμπισμού (el); religioso persa fundador do babismo (pt-br) Siyyid `Ali-Muhammad, Siyyid Ali Muhammad, Elbab, El Báb, Siyyid `Ali Muhammad, Babí, Siyyid `Alí-Muhammad, El Bab, Siyyid Alí Muhammad, Siyyid `Alí Muhammad, Bab, Babi (es); Báb, Sayyid ‘Alī Muḥammad Shīrāzī, Sayyid ʿAlī Muḥammad Shīrāzī, Sayyid Ali Muhammad (fr); Bab (hr); Bab, Siyyid Alí Muhammad-i-Xirazí (eu); Siyyid Mírzá 'Alí-Muhammad, Siyyid `Alí Muḥammad Shírází, Sayyid 'Ali Muhammad, Bàb, Bāb, Siyyid `Alí-Muhammad, Sayyed Ali Muhammad al-Shirazi, Mírzá `Alí Muḥammad, Bab (it); Siyyid `Alí-Muhammad (ast); Сейид Али Мухаммад, Сеид Али Мухаммад из Шираза (ru); Siyyid Ali Muḥammad Shirazi (tl); Sayyid Ali Muhammad, سيد علی ‌محمد, Bāb, Ali Muhammad, Der Bab, Mīrzā ʿAlī Muḥammed, Sayyid Ali Muhammad al-Bab (de); Siyyid Àlí-Muhammad, Bab (an); Сэід Алі Мухамад Шыразі (be); حضرت باب, نقطه اولی, سیدعلی محمد باب, سید علی‌محمد شیرازی, علی‌محمد باب, حضرت اعلی, سید علی محمد شیرازی, سیدعلی‌محمد شیرازی, سید علیمحمدشیرازی معروف به باب, علی محمد باب, سید علی محمد باب (fa); Siyyid Mírzá 'Alí-Muhammad, Ali Muhammad z Szirazu, Bab (pl); Bab'as (lt); Bab (ro); セイイェド・アリー=モハンマド (ja); באב, סייד עלי מוחמד (he); Báb (sh); Bab (sv); Báb, Báben, Siyyid Ali-Muhammed (nn); Bab (nb); Bab (nl); Sayyid Ali Muhammad, Siyyid 'Ali-Muhammad, El Bàb, Sayyid Alí Muhàmmad Xirazí, Bàb (ca); बाब (hi); Said Alí Mohammed (gsw); Siyyid Ali Muhammad, Sayyid Ali Muhammad Shirazi, Siyyid Mírzá 'Alí-Muhammad, Báb (fi); Bab (en); علي بن محمد رضا الشيرازي, علي محمد بن محمد رضا الشيرازي الملقب بالباب (ar); Sajjid Alí Muhammad, Sajjid Muhammad-‘Alí, Sajjid Alí Muhammad aš-Šírází, Sajjid Alí Mohamed (cs); The Báb (bs)


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