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English: Bábism is a religious movement that flourished in Persia from 1844 to 1852, then lingered on in exile in the Ottoman Empire (especially Cyprus) as well as underground. Its founder was Siyyid `Alí-Muhammad of Shiraz, who took the title Báb—meaning "Gate"—from a Shi'a theological term. Unlike other Islamic messianic movements, the Bábí movement signalled a break with Islam and attempted to start a new religious system. While the Bábí movement was violently opposed and crushed by the clerical and government establishments in the country in the mid 1850s, the Bábí movement led to the founding of the Bahá'í Faith which sees the religion brought by the Báb as a predecessor to their own religion, and gives a renewed significance to the Bábí movement.
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  • 23 May 1844
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Babismo (es); Bábizmus (hu); Babismo (eu); бабизм (ru); Babismus (de); Bábisme (ms); Babizmi (sq); Бабизам (sr-ec); 巴比教 (zh); Babisme (da); Babi (tr); بابیت (ur); Babismo (ia); Babisma (mg); بابيه (arz); 巴比教 (zh-hk); באביזם (he); Babizm (tk); 巴比教 (zh-hant); 巴比教 (zh-cn); 巴比教 (wuu); ਬਾਬੀਅਤ (pa); Баби (kk); Babismo (eo); Bábismus (cs); Bobiylik (uz); Babismo (it); Бабизм (ky); babisme (fr); Babizam (sr-el); Babism (et); Бобия (tg); バーブ教 (ja); Bábísm (sv); 巴比教 (zh-tw); ลัทธิบาบี (th); Babbismu (scn); babismo (pt); Baabilaisuus (fi); Fe babí (ca); Babisme (af); Бабизам (sr); Babizem (sl); 巴比教 (zh-sg); Bábism (ro); Bábism (sco); Babisme (id); Babizm (pl); بابیه (fa); Bábisme (nl); Babilik (az); Бабізм (uk); بابي تحريڪ (sd); Babismus (la); bábism (en); بابية (ar); 巴比教 (zh-hans); 바브교 (ko) tek tanrılı bir din (tr); religion (fr); uskonnollinen liike (fi); religious movement (en); Persische Religion und Reformationsbewegung nach Bab (de); religiöst rörelse (sv) Fe babí, Babism, Bábism, Fe babi (es); bábís, bâbisme (fr); Вера Баби, Баби, Бабиды (ru); Azalismus, Babisten, Bābī, Azaliya, Babi-Religion, Bājanī-Bewegung, Dine Babi, Babitum, Bābī-Bewegung, Babiten (de); Bábís, Fé Babí (pt); ایین بابی, ائین باب, آیین بیانی, آیین بابی, آئین باب, ایین بیانی, ائین بابی, دیانت بیان, بابی (fa); Babiler, Babizm, Babilik, Bâbîlik, Bâbî (tr); بابی, بابی مذہب (ur); Bábí-tro, Babism, Babi, Babísm (sv); Babism (ro); Баяні, Баянізм (uk); Babilər, Babizm (az); Babis, Babí, Babisme (ca); 바비파, 바비즘 (ko); Bábismo (it); Babilaisuus (fi); babism (en); البابية, بابيه, بابي (ar); Bábisté, Bábista, Bábizmus (cs); Babisme (nl)


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