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This category holds all those sets of BSicons with other colors than red (for heavy rail) or blue (for metro/light rail).

Any changes to icon colors should first be discussed at Talk:BSicon/Colors.

If there are any color changes, please update {{BS-color}} as well as the Routemap modules linked here.

Set name hex value Sample hex value Sample
↓ Category:Icons for railway descriptions/set name
Standard colors
(basic) BE2D2C BSicon BHF.svg D77F7E BSicon exBHF.svg
u 003399 BSicon uBHF.svg 6281C0 BSicon uexBHF.svg
f 008000 BSicon fBHF.svg 64B164 BSicon fexBHF.svg
g 2CA05A BSicon gBHF.svg 7EC49A BSicon gexBHF.svg
Additional colors
maroon 800000 BSicon BHF maroon.svg B16464 BSicon exBHF maroon.svg
red EF161E BSicon BHF red.svg F37176 BSicon exBHF red.svg
orange FF6600 BSicon BHF orange.svg FF9955 BSicon exBHF orange.svg
carrot ED9121 BSicon BHF carrot.svg F1BA76 BSicon exBHF carrot.svg
saffron FFAB2E BSicon BHF saffron.svg FFC969 BSicon exBHF saffron.svg
yellow FFD702 BSicon BHF yellow.svg FFEB81 BSicon exBHF yellow.svg
golden D7C447 BSicon BHF golden.svg E5DA8E BSicon exBHF golden.svg
olive 837902 BSicon BHF olive.svg B2AC64 BSicon exBHF olive.svg
lime 99CC00 BSicon BHF lime.svg D1E681 BSicon exBHF lime.svg
green 2DBE2C BSicon BHF green.svg 7FD67E BSicon exBHF green.svg
jade 53B147 BSicon BHF jade.svg 95CE8E BSicon exBHF jade.svg
teal 339999 BSicon BHF teal.svg 82C0C0 BSicon exBHF teal.svg
exteal 82C0C0 BSicon exBHF teal.svg B1D6D6 BSicon exBHF exteal.svg
cyan 40E0D0 BSicon BHF cyan.svg 8AEAE1 BSicon exBHF cyan.svg
deepsky 00BFFF BSicon BHF deepsky.svg 63D6FC BSicon exBHF deepsky.svg
azure 3399FF BSicon BHF azure.svg 99CCFF BSicon exBHF azure.svg
sky 069DD3 BSicon BHF sky.svg 67C2E3 BSicon exBHF sky.svg
cerulean 1A8BB9 BSicon BHF cerulean.svg 73B7D3 BSicon exBHF cerulean.svg
blue 0078BE BSicon BHF blue.svg 64ACD6 BSicon exBHF blue.svg
denim 00619F BSicon BHF denim.svg 649EC3 BSicon exBHF denim.svg
lavender 9999FF BSicon BHF lavender.svg C0C0FF BSicon exBHF lavender.svg
purple 8171AC BSicon BHF purple.svg B1A8CB BSicon exBHF purple.svg
violet 800080 BSicon BHF violet.svg B164B1 BSicon exBHF violet.svg
fuchsia B5198D BSicon BHF fuchsia.svg D173B8 BSicon exBHF fuchsia.svg
ruby CC0066 BSicon BHF ruby.svg DE64A1 BSicon exBHF ruby.svg
exruby DE64A1 BSicon exBHF ruby.svg E89FC4 BSicon exBHF exruby.svg
pink F0668D BSicon BHF pink.svg F4A1B8 BSicon exBHF pink.svg
ochre CC6600 BSicon BHF ochre.svg DEA164 BSicon exBHF ochre.svg
brown 8D5B2D BSicon BHF brown.svg B89A7F BSicon exBHF brown.svg
steel A1B3D4 BSicon BHF steel.svg C6D1E5 BSicon exBHF steel.svg
grey 999999 BSicon BHF grey.svg C0C0C0 BSicon exBHF grey.svg
black 000000 BSicon BHF black.svg 646464 BSicon exBHF black.svg


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