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English: Baal (also Bel) is a Semitic title and honorific meaning "lord" that is used for various gods, spirits and demons particularly of the Levant. The Canaanite Baal, Egyptian Set, and Hittite Teshub (storm gods), were merged into one deity during the Hittite/Egyptian treaty between Hattusili III and Ramesses II in 1271 BC. Sutekh is a combination of the gods Set, Baal, Teshub, and Ramesses II himself, and is usually depicted with a raised arm holding a club, and wearing the crown of Upper Egypt.
Español: Baal es un título semítico honorífico que significa Señor, usado para designar a varias divinidades del antiguo Oriente Medio.
Français : Baal est un titre honorifique sémitique signifiant « seigneur », utilisé pour désigner de nimbreux dieux et esprits, particulièrement dans le Levant.
Italiano: Baal è un titolo onorifico semitico che significa "Signore" che è usato per vari dei, spiriti e demoni in particolare del Levante.

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