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<nowiki>Babe; Babe; Baddi; Babe; Babe; Babe; Babe; Бейб; Babe; بیب; Babe – den modiga lilla grisen; Babe; Babe - Maialino coraggioso; 我不笨,所以我有話說; Babe; Babe; Babe; Бабе; Babe; Babe – galantní prasátko; Babe; Babe; Babe, le cochon devenu berger; Babe; ބޭބް; 宝贝小猪唛; Babe chú heo chăn cừu; Mazulis; Babe; Бејб; Babe; 小猪宝贝; 宝贝猪仔; Babe; Babe; Heldiggrisen Babe; Dördayaqlı balaca; Бэйб: Четвероногий малыш; Babe; 豬寶; Babe; Babe; بيبي; Babe; Бэйб; Бейб; বেইব; Babe; بیب; Babe; Babe; Babe; Babe; Babe; Babe - świnka z klasą; Ein Schweinchen namens Babe; เบ๊บ หมูน้อยหัวใจเทวดา; Babe; Չորսոտանի երեխա; 小猪宝贝; Babe; ოთხფეხა პატარა; ベイブ; Babe; Babe; بيبى; Babe; බබා; Babe; Babe - Cel mai curajos porc din lume; बेब; బేబ్; Babe – urhea possu; Babe; Babe; Babe - den kække gris; பேப்; Babe - Maialino coraggioso; Babe; Babe; Babe; Babe; Mažylis; Babe; Babe; בייב; Babe; Babe; Babe; Babe; Babe; Babe; Babe; عزیز; Babe; Babe; Μπέιμπ; Babe; Babe; Babe; Babe; Babe; 寶貝小豬嘜; Babe; 꼬마돼지 베이브; Babe; بابا; Babe; ಬೇಬ್; película de 1995 dirigida por Chris Nolan; 1995-ös amerikai családi film; film di 1995; 1995eko filma; película de 1995 dirixida por Chris Noonan; Фильм 1995 года от режиссёра Криса Нунена; Film von Chris Noonan (1995); 1995 film directed by Chris Noonan; филм през 1995 година; film út 1995 fan Chris Noonan; film din 1995 regizat de Chris Noonan; 1995年のアメリカの映画; film de 1995; film från 1995 regisserad av Chris Noonan; фільм 1995 року; filmo de 1995; film de su 1995; vuoden 1995 elokuva; 1995 filmur; filmo de 1995; americký film z roku 1995; film di Chris Noonan del 1995; ১৯৯৫-এর চলচ্চিত্র; film réalisé par Chris Noonan et sorti en 1995; filme de 1995 dirixido por Chris Noonan; фільм 1995 году; 1995 ވަނަ އަހަރު ނެރުނު ފިލްމެއް; cinta de 1995 dirichita por Chris Noonan; film; film; סרט משנת 1995; filme de 1995 dirigit per Chris Noonan; filme de 1995 dirigido por Chris Noonan; فيلم 1995; pel·lícula de 1995 dirigida per Chris Noonan; film van 1995; 1995 filmas; film uit 1995 van Chris Noonan; film; 1995. aasta film, lavastanud Chris Noonan; film tahun 1995; film; film z 1995 roku; australsk barnefilm fra 1995; film; film fra 1995; pinicla de 1995 dirigía por Chris Noonan; ffilm ddrama a chomedi gan Chris Noonan a gyhoeddwyd yn 1995; film; 1995 film directed by Chris Noonan; فيلم أنتج عام 1995; 1995 film directed by Chris Noonan; 1995 film directed by Chris Noonan; Babe, el cerdito valiente; Babe el cerdito valiente; Babe el chanchito valiente; Babe, el chanchito valiente; Babe el puerquito valiente; Babe, el puerquito valiente; Babe 1, le cochon devenu berger; Babe; Babe-den modiga lilla grisen; Babe den modiga lilla grisen; Babe - den modiga lilla grisen; Babe; Babe; Babe, świnka z klasą; Поросятко Бейб; Бейб: Чотириногий малюк; Babe, maialino coraggioso; Babe maialino coraggioso; Babe, the Galant Pig; Babe - urhea possu; Babe; Ein Schwein namens Babe; Babe, o Porquinho Atrapalhado; A Pig Named Babe; A Piglet Named Babe; Бэйб; Бэйб: Поросенок в городе; Четвероногий малыш; Babe; 寶貝小豬嘜; 我不笨所以我有話說; 我不笨,所以我有話說; 我不笨,所以我有話要說; Babe -den kække gris; Babe-den kække gris; Babe den kægge gris; Babe; Babe den kække gris</nowiki>
1995 film directed by Chris Noonan
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  • Nigel Westlake
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  • 1995
  • 7 December 1995 (Germany)
  • 92 min
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Babe is a 1995 British-Australian-American comedy-drama film directed by Chris Noonan, produced by George Miller, and written by both. It is an adaptation of Dick King-Smith's 1983 novel The Sheep-Pig, also known as Babe: The Gallant Pig in the USA, which tells the story of a pig who wants to be a sheepdog. The main animal characters are played by a combination of real and animatronic pigs and Border Collies. After seven years of development, Babe was filmed in Robertson, New South Wales, Australia. The talking-animal visual effects were done by Rhythm & Hues Studios and Jim Henson's Creature Shop. The film was a box office success and grossed $36,776,544 at the box office in Australia. It has received considerable acclaim from critics: it was nominated for seven Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay, winning Best Visual Effects. It also won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy and the Saturn Award for Best Fantasy Film.

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