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Русский: Бабр, уникальная геральдическая фигура - символ Иркутска.
English: Babr is a unique Russian heraldic charge, the symbol of Irkutsk. Historically, babr was a Siberian-Russian dialect word of Persian origin[1] for tiger (Panthera tigris altaica, which is closely related to Panthera tigris virgata, which occurred in Iran),[2] but the imperial authorities, unfamiliar with life in Siberia, interpreted babr as beaver (Castor fiber), starting a long chain of misnomers and confusion. Over centuries, Babr was depicted as an Amur tiger, as a sable (carrying a beaver pelt) or as a beaver (carrying a pelt of a sable). As of 2011, babr is represented by a fat black beaver carrying a disproportionately small red pelt of a sable.


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Бабр (ru); Babr (en); Babr (pl); Бабр (uk); Бабр (be) Геральдический бабр (ru)


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