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Balligavi (Kannada: ಬಳ್ಳಿಗಾವಿ) a town in Shikaripura taluk Shimoga district of Karnataka state, India, is today known as Belagami or Balagamve. Its ancient names are Dakshina Kedara,Valliggame and Valligrame. Dakshina Kedara means Kedarnath of the South. A place of antiquity, it is known for its ancient monuments. It is also famous as the birth place of the great en:Virashaiva saint en:Allama Prabhu. Many famous Hoysala sculptors like Dasoja, Malloja, Nadoja, Siddoja hailed from here. Today, Balligavi (Balli in Kannada means creeper or vine) is a quite town much of whose daily routines revolve around agriculture and the famous 11th century Kedaresvara Temple and Tripurantakesvara Temple. 14°23′38.04″N 75°14′38.04″E / 14.3939°N 75.2439°E / 14.3939; 75.2439


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