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English: Bampton is a small town in Devon, England close to the south east corner of Exmoor and on the River Batherm, a tributary of the River Exe. It is about 10 km north of Tiverton. Its history is thought to have started with a Roman fort, but it is later Saxon remains that are most easily seen. Some hedges conform to the Saxon furrow measure of 625 feet (later it became a furlong) and traces of their strip farming can be seen to the north east of the castle mound, the remnant of an 11th century Norman castle built on earlier Saxon fortifications. The circular churchyard is also Saxon in origin.
Italiano: Bampton è un villaggio della contea del Devon, vicino all'angolo sudorientale del Parco nazionale di Exmoor e situato sul fiume Bathern, un tributario del fiume Exe. Si trova a circa 10 chilometri da Tiverton.


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