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The Bank has developed a family of Series 7 banknote images designed for use for educational, informational or illustrative purposes.

Images in this gallery are available for non-commercial use only. These images can be used and reproduced provided that the following conditions are met:

   The photographs are reproduced accurately and without alterations
   Component details of banknote and coin designs are not reproduced in isolation
   The Reserve Bank of New Zealand is identified as the source
   The material on which the image is printed must not be so similar to the real thing as to be liable to be mistaken for it
   You do not imply that your particular use of the photographs is done in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

If you intend to reproduce images of New Zealand banknotes, the Bank requires you to comply with the following image specifications:

   the scaling must be more than 125% or less than 75% of the real thing
   image resolution does not exceed 72 dpi
   only one-sided images are depicted in both print and electronic media.

Banknote images are available on Flickr

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