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Church of Baruta (XIXth century) painted by Tovar y Tovar

The Baruta Municipality (pop. 317,288) belongs politically to the Greater Caracas Municipality in Venezuela. It is located geographically in the South-East section of the city. Its western limit is the Los Chaguaramos neighborhood (that belongs to the Libertador Municipality) and limits to the east with the Colinas de Los Ruices neighborhood (that belongs to the Sucre Municipality). To the North, it borders with the Francisco Fajardo Highway and to the Southeast with the El Hatillo Municipality and to the Southwest with the Hoyo de la Puerta neighborhood (Libertador Municipality).

Although some of the political functions overlap with the Greater Caracas Municipality, Baruta has its own Mayor, Henrique Capriles Radonski. The local government has its own police force, among other responsibilities. The City Hall is currently located in the Bello Monte neighborhood but there are plans for it to be moved to the old Baruta town.

The main economic activity in Baruta is non-manufacturing business in the many office buildings within the Municipality. For example, the Procter & Gamble Latin American Headquarters are located in Baruta. Commerce is also a great source of revenue for the "Baruteños" as some of the most attractive night spots in the Greater Caracas are located in the Las Mercedes neighborhood, within Baruta. The Baruta Zip Code is 1080 and the Area Code is 212 (the latter is the same as the Greater Caracas).

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