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English: Basin in Earth sciences may refer to:
  • (hydrology/hydrography) drainage basin/catchment basin/watershed, a topographic region in which all water drains to a common area, so this is the connected area of flowing and still overground water, leading to a lowermost point. You may also be looking for drainage divides, the line that separates neighboring drainage basins.
    • (geography) endorheic basin, a closed drainage basin often with a sink where water collects
    • (geomorphology) rock-cut basin, any depressions cut into stream or river beds.
  • (sedimentology) sedimentary basin, a low and usually sinking region that is filled with sediments from adjacent positive areas
  • (structural geology) structural basin, a large-scale structural formation of rock strata formed by tectonic warping of previously flat lying strata (e.g., a graben)
    • oceanic basin, a structural basin covered by seawater (long narrow undersea depressions are oceanic trenches)
    • pull-apart basin, a section of crust separated by the action of two strike-slip faults or the flexure of a transform fault

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bacino (it); 盆地 (yue); bassin (fr); впадина (ru); Becken (de); baseins (lv); 盆地 (zh); حوض (ar); 盆地 (ja); medence (hu); впадина (ru); bäcken (geografi) (sv); Phûn-tē (nan); басейн (геоморфологія) (uk); bekken (nl); cuenca (es); conca (ca); 盆地 (wuu); 분지 (ko); basin (en); baseno (eo); pánev (cs); Bekken (geomorfologi) (nb) depressione geologica (it); 四方を山で囲まれた平地 (ja); hegyláncoktól körülfogott terület (hu); geomorfologia strukturo (eo); geomorfologie (nl); 四周圍繞著山脈或丘陵的特有地形稱之為盆地 (zh-hant); depresión geológica (es); in sich geschlossene Einmuldung der Erdkruste (de); dépression géologique (fr); geologic depression (en); منخفض جيولوجي (ar); geomorfologický útvar, rozsáhlá sníženina (cs); geologic depression (en) bacino geologico (it); Beckenlandschaft (de); Geological basin (en); геологічний басейн, басейн (геологія) (uk); bassin géologique (fr)
geologic depression
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Это частный случай понятияопределение понятия (геоморфология)
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