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English: The Battle of Ramillies was a major engagement of the War of the Spanish Succession fought on 23 May 1706. The encounter was a resounding success for the allied forces of the Dutch Republic, England, and their auxiliaries; but the battle had followed a year of indecisive campaigning in 1705 where Allied over-confidence and Dutch hesitancy after their success at the Battle of Blenheim had resulted in an abortive campaign along the Moselle, forcing the Duke of Marlborough to abandon his plans for a push into France. Yet despite the Allies' inability to achieve a decisive victory, Louis XIV was eager for peace; but he wanted it on reasonable terms. Therefore, rather than standing on the defensive, French armies on all fronts swung over to the offensive.
Batalha de Ramillies 
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Parte deGuerra da Sucessão Espanhola
Localização Ramillies, Arrondissement of Nivelles, Brabante Valão, Valônia, Bélgica
Data de ocorrência23 de maio de 1706
50° 38′ 18,96″ N, 4° 54′ 46,08″ E
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battaglia di Ramillies (it); bataille de Ramillies (fr); batalla de Ramillies (ca); Bitka kod Ramija (sr-el); Schlacht bei Ramillies (de); Batalha de Ramillies (pt); Битка код Рамија (sr); Битка код Рамија (sr-ec); 拉米伊戰役 (zh); Slaget ved Ramillies (da); Bătălia de la Ramillies (ro); ラミイの戦い (ja); Slaget ved Ramillies (nn); Slaget vid Ramillies (sv); Pertempuran Ramillies (id); Bitwa pod Ramillies (pl); Slaget ved Ramillies (nb); Slag bij Ramillies (nl); 라미예 전투 (ko); Batalla de Ramillies (es); Битва при Рамильи (ru); Ramilliesin taistelu (fi); Battle of Ramillies (en); קרב ראמיאי (he); bitva u Ramillies (cs); Битка при Рамили (bg) bataille de la guerre de Succession d'Espagne (fr); battle (en); battle (en); Schlacht des Spanischen Erbfolgekriegs (de); bitva války o španělské dědictví (1706) (cs); veldslag in België (nl) Битва при Рамийи (ru); ラミリーの戦い, ラミューの戦い (ja); Bataille de Ramilies (fr); Schlacht von Ramillies (de); Рамили (bg); Ramillies (da)

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