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English: Only two coaches with a Bedford SB5 chassis and Caetano Aveiro were ever built. Manufactured in 1987, the last year of a 37 year production run, they were probably the last SB coaches (the diesel SB5 being known as the Bedford NJM from 1968) to enter service in the UK, as well as seeing service in the Channel Islands.

They both had a Bedford 330 turbo engine and 5-speed overdrive gearbox, using a cable operated gearchange. The bodywork had 40 seats and a single plug style door positioned at the front. The Aveiro was based similar in appearance to the smaller Viana, using the same windscreen to give it a 7'6" width.

They were identified as follows:

  • UK registration: D832 CNV
  • Jersey registration: J 7997, later J 17759
  • Chassis No: 102878
  • Body No: 185135
  • UK registration: D834 CNV
  • Jersey registration: J 7997, later J 61644
  • Chassis No: 102910
  • Body No: 1851356

Due to the narrow width, they had originally been intended for use on the Channel Islands due to the narrow roads. They were instead delivered new in the UK (thus with UK registrations), to Gatwick Parking Services of Horley, for use on Gatwick Airport services, where they entered service in a white, orange & red livery.

They soon ended up on the islands however (thus being re-registered), passing to Holiday Tours of St. Peter, Jersey, who operated them in a white, blue and red livery (J 7997 as their fleet No. 15, J 6380 as their No. 16). After a merger, both passed into the Tantivy Blue Coach Tours fleet, receiving their two tone blue livery and gold fleetnames (J 61644 as their No. 28, J 17759 as No. 29).

Both buses were eventually bought by Wacton Bus & Coach of Wacton, Herefordshire, who re-imported them from Jersey back to the UK, where both regained their original UK registrations.

They then went their separate ways, as follows:

D832 CNV subsequently re-entered service for Wacton in their Bromyard Omnibus operation, in red and cream livery with yellow Bromyard Omnibus fleetnames, and after the fitting of a destination box even operated on public transport bus services. It later operated with the Wacton associated fleet of Village Green Motor Services of Shobdon, but still in red & cream. It was then sold for private use by the Walsall Coronets Junior Marching Band, who operated it still in red & cream, with WCJMB sign-writing. After they traded it in for a bigger vehicle, it finally ended up at UK Bus Dismantlers also in Bromyard, who added it to the 200 NJM's they had stripped down to the chassis, for export to Pakistan.

D834 CNV was sold for conversion into a caravan bus, a job which was partly finished and saw the seats removed and a Perkins Phaser engine fitter. Instead of being completed though, as of 2007 it was in storage in a yard at DH Hall & Son, a garage services firm based in Ullingswick, Hereford.

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