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<nowiki>Bene-Israel; Bene Israël; Бней-исраэль; बेने इस्राएल; Beni Israel; Bene Israel; 以色列之子; בני ישראל (הודו); Bene Israel; Bene Israel; Bene Israel; ベネ・イスラエル; Bene Israel; Bene Israely; Bene Israel; Bnej Israel; Bene Israel; Bene Israel; بنے اسرائیل; बेने इज़राइल; Bene Israel; ਬੇਨੇ ਇਜ਼ਰਾਇਲ; Bene Israel; Синови Израела; bene-Israel; பெனே இசுரேல்; Grupo étnico judío en el subcontinente indio; بھارت میں یہودیت کی ایک تاریخی برادری; groupe ethnique juif dans le sub-continent indien; קהילה יהודית שהתקיימה במערב הודו; etnische groep; Jüdische Minderheit in Indien; intianjuutalainen etninen ryhmä; ethnic group; grupo de judeus; Bene İsrail; Bene israel; बेने इस्रायेल; Bene Israel (Inde); Bene Israël (Inde); Bene israel; Native Jew Caste; Teli people; Bnej Izrael; Bene Israel; Bani Israel; Bene Israel; Bene-israel; Bene israel</nowiki>
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The Bene Israel (Hebrew: בני ישראל, "Sons of Israel", Marathi: बेने इस्राएल) are a group of Jews who migrated in the nineteenth century from west Maharashtra to the nearby Indian cities, primarily Mumbai, but also to Pune, Ahmedabad, and Karachi (Karachi later became a part of Pakistan). Prior to these waves of emigrations and to this day, the Bene Israel formed the largest sector of the subcontinent's Jewish population, and constitute the bulk of those sometimes referred to as en:Pakistani Jews. The native language of the Bene Israel is en:Judæo-Marathi, a form of Marathi. Most Bene Israel have now emigrated to Israel.


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