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English: The Benue–Congo group of languages constitutes the largest branch of the Niger–Congo language family, both in terms of sheer number of languages, of which Ethnologue (2009) counts 900, and in terms of speakers, numbering perhaps 350 million. Within Niger–Congo, Benue–Congo is a branch of Atlantic–Congo, and perhaps also of Volta–Congo if that turns out to be a valid group. When it was first proposed by Joseph Greenberg (1963) it included the Volta–Niger languages (as West Benue–Congo); the boundary with those languages and with Kwa has been repeatedly debated. Blench (2012) states that if Benue–Congo is taken to be "the noun-class languages east and north of the Niger", it is likely to be a valid group, though no demonstration of this has been made in print.
<nowiki>Lenguas Benue-Congo; Benúe-kongó tungumál; Llingües benue-congoleses; llengües Benué-Congo; Benue-Kongo-Sprachen; Benue–Congo; 貝努埃-剛果語支; Benue-Kongo dilleri; ベヌエ・コンゴ語群; Benue–Congo; Benue-Kongospråk; Бенуе-конголезькі мови; 貝努埃-剛果語支; Benue-Kongo-lingui; 베누에콩고어군; Benue-Kongo spriaken; Benue–Congo; бенуе-конгоански јазици; lingue Benue-Congo; langues bénoué-congolaises; Benue-kongoanski jezici; Àwọn èdè Bẹ́núé-Kóngò; Nhóm ngôn ngữ Benue-Congo; Linguas benue-congolesas; Benue-Kongo tale; yezhoù benouek-kongoek; Línguas benue-congolesas; бенуэ-кангалезскія мовы; Línguas benue-congolesas; бенуэ-конголезские языки; Benuenkongolaiset kielet; języki benue-kongijskie; بینوے-کانگو زبانیں; Benue-Congotalen; 貝努埃-剛果語支; 贝努埃-刚果语支; Benue-Kongo keeled; 贝努埃-刚果语支; Benue–Congo; لغات بنوية كونغولية; łéngue Benue-Congo; Benue–Congo; raggruppamento linguistico africano; famille de langues; taalfamilie; família lingüística; Sprachfamilie; 언어 분류; language family; language family; familh yezhoù; grupo de lenguas nigero-congoleñas; Lenguas Benué-Congo; Бенуэ-конго; Бенуэ-конголезская семья; Языки бенуэ-конго; Центрально-нигерийские языки; Àwọn èdè Benue-Kongo; Benué-Kongo-Sprachen; Benue-Kongo; Línguas benue-congo; Benue-Congo; Benue-Kongo; ベヌエ・コンゴ語派; ベヌエ・コンゴ諸語; Benue-Kongospråken; Benuekongospråk; języki benue-kongo; Benue-Congo; 貝努埃-剛果語支; 貝努埃一剛果語; 贝努埃-刚果语族; Linguas Benué-Congo; Benue-Congo; Benue–Congo languages; Benué-Congo; Benue-Congo; 贝努埃一刚果语; 贝努埃-刚果语族; 貝努埃-剛果亞語支; 貝努埃-剛果語族; 贝努埃-刚果语支; 贝努埃-刚果语族; 贝努埃一刚果语</nowiki>
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