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English: Dr. Bernhard Rust (30 September 1883 — 8 May 1945) was Minister of Science, Education and National Culture (Reichserziehungsminister) in Nazi Germany. A combination of school administrator and zealous Nazi, he issued decrees, often bizarre, at every level of the German educational system to immerse German youth in the National Socialist philosophy. In later years, he was the director of a national research center that oversaw the use of prisoners for medical experimentation. He committed suicide after the fall of Germany, but his death was not discovered until after the United Nations War Crimes Commission had indicted him for what was described as "human guinea pig" vivisection.
Deutsch: Bernhard Rust (* 30. September 1883 in Hannover; † 8. Mai 1945 in Berne) leitete von 1934 bis 1945 das Reichsministerium für Wissenschaft, Erziehung und Volksbildung. Er ist ein Hauptvertreter der nationalsozialistischen Erziehung.
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