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Billy Jack Saucier 1/21/1931 ~ 10/21/1987

Billy Jack Saucier was an acclaimed Grand National Fiddler and a native of Dallas, Texas.

As a youngster he studied classical violin and performed with the Oak Cliff Symphony Orchestra at the age of 15 where his exceptional talent was the starting point of a great career.

His love of the fiddle and mastery of Western Swing had him playing with Hank Thompson and Leon McAuliffe in the 50’s where he was a regular at the Big D Jamboree in Dallas Texas with KRLD.

Artists worked and or recorded with include Merle Haggard, Ralph Mooney, Roy Nichols…….. and many others.

In 1965 he joined the Joanie Waco Show where they played extensively around the country including Las Vegas at the Union Plaza Hotel as well as military bases around the country.

During this time Billy Jack and Joanie were married.

He has played at the National Fiddlers Contest in Mt View, AR, Roy Clarks Theatre in Branson, Missouri, The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee and numerous venues across the country.

In April of 1985, Billy Jack received the title of GRAND NATIONAL FIDDLER from Ron Davis, president of SWEET, INC. stating the following:

“Yes, It is our opinion you are the best in the world today.” “It is also our opinion that you are the best of all time to date.”

Sadly, Billy Jack passed just 2 years later, but his fiddling mastery lives on.

Joanie lives on in Las Vegas, NV and cherishes the memories of her late husband, the great Billy Jack Saucier.

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