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Binh Xuyen Force (Vietnamese : Bộ đội Bình Xuyên or Lực lượng Bình Xuyên, Chinese : 平川派軍 or 平川力量), often linked to its infamous leader, General Lê Văn Viễn (aka "Bảy Viễn") was an independent military force within the Vietnamese National Army whose leaders once had lived outside the law and had sided with the Việt Minh. During its heyday, Bình Xuyên funded itself with organized crime activities in Saigon while effectively battling Communist forces. Binh Xuyen groups first emerged in the early 1920s as a loosely organized coalition of gangs and contract laborers about two hundred to three hundred strong. Bình Xuyên's early history consisted of cycles of kidnapping, piracy, pursuit, and occasionally imprisonment. One of the gang leaders was Ba Dương, a kingpin in the SaigonCholon area. His lieutenants included Huỳnh Văn Trọng (aka Mười Trí), Dương Văn Hà (aka Năm Hà), Võ Văn Môn (aka Bảy Môn), and Lê Văn Viễn (aka Bảy Viễn). Bình Xuyên's history is largely that of two separate groups : Ba Dương's troops (the "Bộ đội Bình Xuyên") and Bảy Viễn's "Lực lượng Bình Xuyên".


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