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English: There are several stelae, carrried by bixi tortoises, in the Temple of Mencius (Meng Miao), in the city of Zoucheng, Shandong.

There is a group of three such stelae standing in the open air, with the inscriptions on all 3 tablets dating from the Qing Dynasty. From the west to the east (i.e,, left to right from the viewers' PoV, or right to left from the turtles own PoV), they appear to date from Qianlong 15, Xuantong 3 (that is, the very last year of the Qing!), and Qianlong 31 or 36.

To the east of this group is the Stele Pavilion (Bei Ting). The pavilion is said to date from Qianlong 1 (1736 CE), while the stele inside (and, presumably, the exuberant Qing bixi tortoise holding it) from Kangxi 26 (1687 CE).

As bixi usually do, these 4 turtles all look south, facing visitors as they enter onto the temple grounds via the main gates and walk toward the main sanctuary.