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English: Blackpool 703 / Sunderland 101 is a 1934 built Balloon Car style Blackpool tramway tram. Originally put into service with a trolley pole, this was replaced with a pantograph in 1991 along with all the Balloon cars. In early 1995 it was again refitted with a trolley pole, and repainted into wartime livery, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of WWII. The pole was reverted to a pantograph by September of the year after proving unpopular and suffering dewirements. 703 was withdrawn in June 2009 when the Blackpool Tramway decided to upgrade it fleet, putting Flexity 2 trams into service in 2011-12, making several of the Balloon class redundant. 703 was one of many to be sold to the Lancastrian Transport Trust. In September 2010 it was sent on loan to Beamish Museum, to stay for a minimum period of 5 years. With its high capacity, it was to be used in peak periods and special events only. It re-entered service on 18 October 2011 (the first ex-Blackpool Balloon car to do so anywhere) having changed identity into Sunderland Corporation tram number 101. This modification comprised a repaint into Sunderland red & white livery (with replica crests in cream diamonds to follow later) complete with Shop at Binns advert, the fitting of Sunderland style destination blinds, and the refitting of a trolley pole (requiring some roof strengthening).


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