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Deutsch: Bliss-Symbole sind eine von Charles K. Bliss entwickelte Sammlung von piktografischen und ideografischen Symbolen oder Zeichen. Jedes Symbol steht für einen Begriff, und mehrere Symbole können kombiniert werden, um Sätze zu bilden oder Ideen auszudrücken.
English: Blissymbolics or Blissymbols were conceived of as an ideographic writing system consisting of several hundred basic symbols, each representing a concept, which can be composed together to generate new symbols that represent new concepts. Blissymbols differ from all the world's major writing systems in that the characters do not correspond at all to the sounds of any spoken language.
blissymbolics; Bliss; Blisskerfið; Bliss sinboloak; Блиссимволика; Blisskiri; Bliss-Symbol; Semantografia; Бліссімволіка; Bliss systém; 布力辛博语; Blissymboalen; Bliss; ブリスシンボル; Blisa skribo; Blissymbols; Bliss; Bliss; 布力辛博语; Blissymbolen; 布里斯字元; Bliss; Bliss-nyelv; Blisskieli; Blissymbols; رموز بليس; blissymbolics; Σύμβολα Μπλιςς; lengua; système d'écriture idéographique; yezh; שפה; taal; интернациональная семантическая языковая система; Sprache; iaith; lingua ideografica; ideographic writing system; lingua; 表意文字; Charles K. Bliss által feltalált paszigráf nyelv; linguaggio Bliss; langue bliss; language bliss; bliss-kieli; blissymboler; Blissymbolics; Bliss; Bliss Symbols; Bliss Symbolics; world language; zbl; Blis; World Writing; Blissymbols; Blissymbolics; Bliss; 布里斯字符; Блисс
ideographic writing system
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