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English: Bohus was a steel barque built in 1892 as Bertha by Grangemouth Dockyard Co., Grangemouth (yard no. 163) for Joh. H. Soost, Hamburg. Her dimensions were: length × beam × depth = 248.2 × 38.3 × 22.3 ft (75.7 × 11.7 × 6.8 m) and she had a tonnage of 1653 GRT, 1499 NRT and 2600 DWT. 1912 sold to O.A. Färdig, Nystad. 1915 sold to Korsnäs Sågverks AB, Gefle. 1917 sold to Emil Löfgren, Stockholm. 1917 sold to Förnyade Ångfartygs AB Viking, Gothenburg and was renamed Bohus. 1921 transferred to Rederi AB Transatlantic, Gothenburg. 1924 sold to Adler Reederei AG (Dönitz, Witt & Co.), Hamburg. The intention was to use the ship as sail training school ship. the Bohus wrecked on the Ness of Queyon, Otterswick on the island of Yell in the Shetland Islands.[1]