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Italy Regia Marina

Type Cruiser
Ship class Trento
Built by Ansaldo Shipyard
Keel laid June 11, 1930
Launch date August 31, 1932
Completion date August 19, 1933
Length overall 196.6 m (215 yd)
Beam 20.6 m (22.5 yd)
Draft 6.7 m (7.3 yd)
Displacement 13,885 t (30,833,031.00 lb)
Standard displacement 13,243 t (29,407,405.80 lb)
Main engine 10 boilers, 4 Parson turbines
Speed 35 knots


Bolzano was a cruiser similar to Trento-class and in 1937 underwent to several modifications. She took part at numerous naval actions as Punta Stilo, Capo Teulada, Gaudo and Matapan. On August 13, 1942 was torpedoed and heavily damaged by the British submarine HMS Unbroken (P42). The cruiser was towed to Napoli and later to La Spezia for repairing. At the armistice was unable to sail to Malta where the Italian fleet was recovered, and on June 22, 1944 was sunken by Italians and British commando just outside La Spezia.

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