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In this category, the images of 8-dots Braille patterns are named by numbering dots 1 to 6 vertically only on the top 3 rows like in the 6-dots patterns, adding dots 7 and 8 horizontally on the 4th row (as shown in the table on the left). These characters are assigned in the Unicode and ISO/IEC 10646 standards in the "Braille Patterns" block (in the subrange U+2800..U+28FF) and ordered so that the lowest 8 bits of their code point values are numbered in the same order as this traditional numbering of dots in standard Braille patterns.

The 64 first symbols in this set are equivalent to the set 6-dot patterns for Braille readers and used the same way (but in this category the images are displaying the positions of the two unused dots at the bottom, so their relative image height will be larger).

The extra 192 symbols that are possible with the 8-dot patterns may be used for scripts (such as large syllabaries or ideographs) requiring a larger number of distinctions with a reduced total number of symbols for the same text, or may be used for technical notations in specific domains, or in private use sets of abreviations explained by authors of each collection of Braille documents. However they require an advanced training for death readers to improve their tactile skills, so they are avoided most of the time as they slow down the reading and may cause confusion. For this reason, languages normally written with large syllabaries or ideographs will be preferably translitterated into another wellknown but reduced alphabet (using translitteration standards already used for the same languages) before being converted into suites of Braille patterns. Most texts converted into series of images of Braille patterns should preferably use the other smaller set of images of 6-dots Braille patterns, for better accessibility: see the Category:Braille letters (6 dots).

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