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English: The Bright Angel Shale, a dullish, greenish, the middle member of the Cambrian Tonto Group. It is found below the Kaibab Plateau, North Rim, on the trails into the Grand Canyon; also, similar trails descending north from the South Rim. In Bright Angel Canyon, it is in the Middle Section (lower level). It is found below the Muav Limestone, (dull gray/ or dullish buff white).
Tonto Platform:
Photos of the Muav and Bright Angel, show its erosional collection, slope-forming on the resistant, Tapeats Sandstone-(bottom member, Tonto Group). The cliff edge of the erosion slopes is called the Tonto Platform, since (level, horizontal) trails can be made upon it. The South Rim, contains the Tonto trails, on the mostly level Tonto Platform, along the various gorges (Granite Gorge).


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