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Bro is a string instrument popular in some ethnic in Central Highlands of Vietnam. The peoples of Bahnar (Ba Na), Xo Dang (Xơ Đăng), E De (Êđê), Jarai (Gia Rai) and Stieng (Xtiêng) often use this instrument.

Bro is a long bamboo approximately 90 to 100 cm in length, 5 to 8 cm in diameter. It is stringed the distinctive string runs through, and on opposite side, a gourd with hole is attached, and gaps are sealed with honey. Primitive bro has only one string made ​​with coconut fiber and stroked with beeswax. And now it is replaced by Kom string separated from the brake (wire) of bicycles. Improved type of bro currently has two strings.

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