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<nowiki>Brownie (mitología); 棕精靈; Brownie (mitologia); Brownie; Brownie; gruagach; حنایی; 棕精灵; Brownie (mitoloji); ブラウニー; Брауні; 棕精靈; 브라우니; Brownie; Brownie; Brownie; браўні; brownie; brownie; brownie; Brownie; Brounie; Brownie; Браўні; Brownie; 棕精靈; Брауни; брауни; Brunuleto; brownie; brownie; براوني; 棕精灵; gruagach; mitično bitje, priljubljeno v škotski in angleški folklori; personnage du folklore écossais; fiktives Wesen aus der englischen und schottischen Folklore; mythical creature popular in folklore from Scotland and England; пэрсанаж ангельскай і шатляндзкай міталёгіі; neach ón miotaseolaíocht in Albain agus i Sasana; митично същество в британския фолклор; mythisch wezen; グルアガハ; ピヤレイ; ウリシュク; グルアガッハ; broonie; brùnaidh; gruagach; Bwbach; Fenodyree; Peallaidh; Pellaidh; سميراء (الإناث فقط); 家事妖精; Brownie (mythisch wezen)</nowiki>
mythical creature popular in folklore from Scotland and England
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English: Files relating to brownies and their depictions. They are household spirits from Scottish folklore.


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