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DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumArthropoda • SubphylumHexapoda • ClassisInsecta • SubclassisPterygota • InfraclassisNeoptera • SuperordoEndopterygota • OrdoColeoptera • SuperfamiliaChrysomeloidea • FamiliaChrysomelidae • Subfamilia: Bruchinae Latreille, 1802
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Included tribes (for BioLib):
Acanthoscelidini, Bruchini, Megacerini
Included tribes (for NCBI):
Acanthoscelidini, Amblycerini, Bruchini, Kytorhinini, Pachymerini
Included genera (for BioLib):
Acanthobruchidius, Acanthoscelides, Algarobius, Altheus, Bonaerius, Borowiecus, Bruchidius, Bruchus, Callosobruchus, Caryedes, Conicobruchus, Cosmobruchus, Ctenocolum, Dahlibruchus, Decellebruchus, Gibbobruchus, Horridobruchus, Kingsolverius, Lithraeus, Margaritabruchus, Megabruchidius, Megacerus, Megasennius, Meibomeus, Merobruchus, Mimosestes, Neltumius, Paleoacanthoscelides, Palpibruchus, Parasulcobruchus, Pectinibruchus, Penthobruchus, Pseudopachymerina, Pygiopachymerus, Rhipibruchus, Salviabruchus, Scutobruchus, Sennius, Spatulobruchus, Specularius, Stator, Stylantheus, Sulcobruchus
Included genera (for ITIS):
Abutiloneus, Acanthoscelides, Algarobius, Althaeus, Amblycerus, Borowiecius, Bruchidius, Bruchus, Callosobruchus, Caryedes, Caryedon, Caryobruchus, Gibbobruchus, Kitorhinus, Lithraeus, Megacerus, Meibomeus, Merobruchus, Mimosestes, Neltumius, Sennius, Stator, Stylantheus, Zabrotes
Included genera (for NCBI):
Acanthoscelides, Algarobius, Amblycerus, Bruchidius, Bruchus, Callosobruchus, Caryedes, Caryedon, Caryoborus, Caryobruchus, Conicobruchus, Decellebruchus, Gibbobruchus, Kingsolverius, Kytorhinus, Megabruchidius, Merobruchus, Mimosestes, Pachymerus, Paleoacanthoscelides, Pseudopachymerina, Pygobruchidius, Sennius, Spermophagus, Stator, Tuberculobruchus, Zabrotes


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