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  • C. Bruno & Sons. (2012-02-27). "Parent brand: KAMAN MUSIC CORPORATION / Information: An instrument importer and dealer, Charles Bruno immigrated from Germany to Macon, Georgia in 1832. In 1834, Bruno moved to New York ... being listed as a book seller in 1837. In 1838 Bruno formed a partnership with Christian F. Martin. ... Bruno & Martin dissolved their partnership in 1839, ... Bruno established the partnership Bruno & Cargill from 1851 to 1853, ... Bruno formed the sucessful Bruno & Son partnership with his son Charles Bruno Junior. Charles Bruno Senior died in 1884 leaving his son to run the business. ... Just before noon on April 17th 1912, ... Bruno was aged 67 at the time, a very wealthy widower with two sons who were also involved in the buisiness. ... Charles Bruno's 19th century firm sold all types of instruments but its not known how many were actually manufactured rather than just branded by the company. At some point C. Bruno & Sons was aqcuired by the Kaman Corporation."
    • New York Times (April 18, 1912).
    • Nancy Groce () Musical instrument makers of New York: a directory of eighteenth and nineteenth century urban craftsmen, Pendragon Press
  • "Bruno and Oscar Schmidt's advertisement". The Music Trade Review (1928-05-19). "BRUNO - Oldest And Largest House In The Trade / BRUNO Mean Security / Wholesale Only Catalog On Application / Victor Talking Machines / Dependable Musical Merchandise - Established 1834 - C.Bruno & Son Inc. 351-353 Fourth Ave - N.Y.C."

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