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Bukit Brown Cemetery in Singapore occupies land originally owned by one George Henry Brown. (Bukit is Malay for "hill".) In the mid-1880s it was purchased by Ong Kew Ho, Ong Ewe Hai, Ong Chong Chew and the Hokkien Huay Kuan (clan association). The title in the land later passed to the Seh Ong Kongsi. In 1922, 213 acres of the cemetery were compulsorily acquired for use as a municipal cemetery. The cemetery was closed to burials in 1973. (Elizabeth McKenzie, "Bukit Brown: A Garden of History and Heritage" in Kevin Y[ew] L[ee] Tan (ed.), Spaces of the Dead: A Case from the Living (Singapore: Singapore Heritage Society; Ethos Books, 2011) (ISBN 978-981-08-8391-1), pp. 54–98.)


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