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English: 90-class, military, resuce and similar vessels build by swedish manufactureres Dockstavarvet and Storebro Bruks AB. Main types are:

Base models

  • Stridsbåt 90 E (Strb 90 E): 54 of these was delivered to the Swedish navy. The E is for Enkel (Swedish for simple). They where originally designed and devloped for the Swedish Navy Amphibious Corps ("Amfibiekåren") as a medevac utility. A number of these today serves in the Swedish Rescue Service Society (Sjöräddningssällskapet", SRSS) as SAR vessels and in the Swedish police as patrol vessels.
  • Stridsbåt 90 H (Strb 90 H): 2 prototypes and 120 units (4 variants) delivered to the Swedish defence. The refers to the fact that it can carry and deploy a half platoon of amphibious infantry (21 men) fully equipped (Halv pluton, literally: Combat Boat 1990 Half platoon).

Derived models

  • Stridsbåt 90 HS (Strb 90 HS): 27 units modified for international operations delivered to the Swedish defence. The S may be for Skyddad (Swedish for protected).
  • Stridsbåt 90 L (Strb 90 L): Outfitted for battalion-level command and control, with computer and communications equipment and an auxiliary generator to provide electrical power when the engines are not running. The L stands for Ledning (Swedish for command or leadership).
  • Stridsbåt 90 KompL (Strb 90 KompL): A plain Strb 90 H in which portable computer and communications equipment has been installed, allowing it to temporarily provide company-level command and control. Electrical power is provided by a rather loud portable generator installed on deck.
  • Stridsbåt 90 Polis (Strb 90 Polis): A version build for the Swedish police with bunks, a pantry and a crew lounge.
  • CombatBoat90 (CB90): Basic export version
  • CB 90 H: Export version of the Strb 90 H, 5 units delivered to the Malaysian navy
  • CB 90 HI: Export version of the Strb 90 HS
  • CB 90 HEX: Variant (hybrid between the CB 90 N and CB 90 H), with 40 units delivered to the Mexican navy (whom designates it CB 90 HMN), 13 units to the Malaysian navy and 3 unit to the Hellenic Coast Guard (whom designates it CB 90 HCG). Furthermore the Mexicans are licensce-producing a number of these.
  • CB 90 N: 20 units delivered to the Norwegian navy (whom designates it Stridsbåt 90N (SB90N)).
  • CB 90 NL: Norwegian variant of the Strb 90 L, customized for the Norwegians (whom designates it Stridsbåt 90L (SB90L)).
  • Storebro Reconnaissance Craft 90 E (SRC90E): Proposed military export model of the Strb 90 E, never sold
  • Storebro 90 Export (SB90E): Rebranded version of SRC 90 E, sold to several operators.


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