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English: Images about the CJK strokes. Soon use in the en:Stroke order article.
The eight stroke priciples and their location in the Yongzi Bafa (combined)
1Diǎn 2Héng 3S 4Gōu 5Tí 6Wān 7P 8Nà (shù+gōu)
D-black.png H-black.png S-black.png G-black.png T-black.png W-black.png P-black.png N-black.png SG-black.png
Yongzi Bafa 1.svg Yongzi Bafa 2.svg Yongzi Bafa 3.svg Yongzi Bafa 4.svg Yongzi Bafa 5.svg Yongzi Bafa 6.svg Yongzi Bafa 7.svg Yongzi Bafa 8.svg Yongzi Bafa 9.svg
Their representation at the first six single-stroke radicals
Rad.3 Rad.1 Rad.2 Rad.5 Radical 4 丿 Rad.6


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