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English: The erosion-resistant uppermost en:Unkar Group unit, Cardenes Lava (some texts, Cardenas Lavas). The en:Tapeats Sandstone-(Tapeats Sea) was laid horizontally upon the Vishnu Schist, Unkar Group-(angled at 15 degrees), etc, but 2 resistant units were 'islands', the Shinumo Quartzite, and the Cardenas Lava. The Tapeats Sandstone is found in horizontal layers around the base of the 'island' peaks, (i.e. fossil island peaks).
The Cardenas Lava was laid horizontally-(conformably) upon the Dox Formation, and overlaid by the en:Nankoweap Formation. The Cardenas Lava, and the other sequenced units-(Unkar Group) dip at about 15 degrees.
Members of 6-unit Unkar Group:
6--Cardenas Lava-(cliff-former, "mountain islands", Tapeats Sea)
5--Dox Formation-slopes
4--Shinumo Quartzite-(cliff-former, "mountain islands", Tapeats Sea)
3--Diabase Sill
2--Hakatai Shale-slopes
1--Bass Limestone-slopes


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