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Cedar Beach Park is a park on Cedar Creek in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA.

Cedar Park is one of the largest parks in the city. It was established in 1916 on a parcel in western Allentown, bounded by twenty-first street to the east and Cedar Crest Boulevard in the west. Ott Street actually runs though the park in a north-south direction and divides it into two parcels. Parkway Boulevard, an extension of West Linden Street is the northern boundary of the park; Hamilton Street is the southern boundary to Ott Street, and Honochick Drive is west of Ott Street. The grounds of Cedar Crest College form the southern boundary also to Cedar Crest Boulevard.

Major recreation areas of the park in the eastern section include Cedar Beach Pool, a pubic swimming pool open during the summers; Lake Muhlenburg, an artificial lake built by the Works Progress administration in 1938, and a large picnic area equipped with grills and tables. West of Ott Street contains the Malcolm Gross Rose Garden, the City Parks Department headquarters and many picnic areas along with a large grassy area for recreation Cedar Creek flows through the center of the park roughly in a west to east direction from Cedar Crest Boulevard to 24th street.

Cedar Beach Pool is the most popular feature of Cedar Beach Park. It is east of Ott Street and south of the creek, and accessible by a park road for the public. The pool was first built in 1917, a year after the park opened as a sandy bottom lake that was cleaned every season. A poolhouse was built in a north-south direction along with a snack bar and other amenities. The first swimming pool was more of an artificial lake with lawns, slides, and diving boards. The pool was noted for many years as the largest of its kind in the United States.

In January 1942, a massive fire burned down the bathhouse and snack bar at Cedar Beach. It was replaced by a temporary facility until 1950 when the Commonwealth ordered it closed due to health concerns. Cedar Beach pool closed at the end of 1950 for re-construction, and after planning and bidding was completed, construction began on a new concrete pool in April 1951. It opened in June 1952. Cracking in the concrete forced the pool to close at the end of 2014 for reconstruction. The pool is planning to open in July 2017.

Also in the eastern section is Lake Muhlenburg. It cost about $80,000 to construct. It was named Lake Muhlenberg in 1944 after Muhlenburg College. Originally envisioned as a small boating lake, boating is less common now and the lake is a refuge for waterfowl, such as mallards, swans, and Canada geese.

To the west of Ott Street along Parkway Boulevard is the Malcom Gross Rose Garden, built in 1929, has many beautiful flowers, along with statues and other structures. The flowers and bushes are known for their All America Rose Selections. The garden itself is meticulously tended, laid out in symmetry and dotted with vined trellises, statuary and a white gazebo. The garden overlooks a pair of lily-padded ponds, shaded by willow trees and bound by the wandering Cedar Creek. Location of many weddings in the late spring and summer.


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