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English: Centrewest London Buses Ltd is a London bus operator that was incorporated on 14 December 1988 as part of the splitting up of London Buses Ltd, which was one of the stages in the process of privatisation of London bus services. As a London Buses subsidiary, it adopted the brand name of Centrewest alongside a logo comprising a stylised back to front C, with the interior shaped as an arrow head, which appeared on buses in addition to the uniform branding already being used by London Buses before the split. Unlike the other post-split companies, it didn't retain this scheme until full privatision, instead it altered. Buses on central routes saw the LB roundel retained, but the Centrewest lettering and logo being repositioned and changed to gold, with the C logo replaced with half a left facing arrow positioned over the top of the name. Other buses were rebranded into various groups, dropping the LB roundel and Centrewest name in favour group based identities, which had their own fleetnames, but implemented using a large gold arrow logo stylised in the same format as the central area scheme. The identity names were: Challenger, Ealing Buses, Gold Arrow, Uxbridge Buses, Hillingdon local service & Orpington Buses. The company was fully privatised on September 1994 when it was sold to its management. In private ownership, the various liveries were retained, the only hange being the removal of the LB roundel from the central scheme. In March 1997 it was purchased by FirstBus (renamed First Group in December 1997). The livery changed to allover red with a mid-level yellow relief band. The First corporate name and flying f logo was added to buses in gold, with the local names such as Challenger and Gold Arrow retained in the corportate style, subordinated to the First name. Mirroring the adoption of a standard corporate livery in the First Group era of white with blue and mauve wavy stripes for new buses outside London, in London new buses received a red version, where the wavy stripes were yellow and white, and the mid-level yellow relief line was moved to the upper deck and made thinner on the sides, but moved lower and remaining the same width on the front. Buses also received large flying f logos either side of the destination display. The local names initially remained in this new scheme, but were later changed to simply London, or dropped entirely, leaving just 'First' as any kind of fleetname. Having remained unchanged for several years, by 2008 the livery had changed to simply allover red, with gold First f fleetnames and logos, later changed again to white.


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